Samsung – Galaxy Karaoke 

In order to generate buzz around the Galaxy Buds Plus – as part of our LO Blocking Strategy – we came up with the idea of a sing-along party through an Instagram filter that could be used by many. We asked our #SamsungLover influencers to share a sing-along video using ElGalaxyKaraoke filter along with the HTs #GalaxyBuds and #ElGalaxyKaraoke, organically generating engagement and additional use by others. ​


Latin America


Influencer Management
Development of Program
Development of Filter
Influencer engagement
Program management


Participation of 24 #SamsungLover influencers
More than 79 posts
Obtained a potential reach of 11M ​
The filter has been captured (copied/saved) over 4k times and shared about 520 times, with over 203k impressions