Samsung – TV’s Escape Room

A personalized Samsung Escape Room experience – with the concept Samsung Design Lab – was created to provide influencers with a fun engaging experience that allowed them to become more familiar with the new Samsung TVs and their unique features and give them enough opportunities to create content. We created the entire Escape Room from scratch – from concept, to the 11 clues that were featured in the Escape Room. The clues were related to the theme and the TV’s, and we created an online platform for the participants to input the answers to each clue and reveal the final code. In order to escape, participants needed to input the final code into a Samsung TV and reveal the “Missing Blueprint.” Influencers worked together in groups and shared their knowledge of the Samsung products in order to escape, and shared plenty of social media posts about it in the meantime! Influencers




Influencer Management
Logistics Coordination 
Venue Setup
Public Relations
Development of Escape Room and Clues
Production of Pieces


17 Influencer Participants
157 media hits
13.3 million in reach