Vanessa Soriano

Vanessa is a graduate of social communication from the Universidad Santa María in Venezuela, and holds a master in organizational communication from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. She started her career in Venezuela as an editor of various magazines and TV stations, including Televen. Later, in Panama, she continued her involvement in the news space with a role in the Televisa editorial group – serving as the editor of the Revista Caras Centroamérica – and other roles in La Estrella de Panamá and Revista Mía. Throughout the course of her communciations career, she has also worked at various public relations agencies and managed brands such such as Louis Vuitton (Caracas and Panamá) Carolina Herrera, EPK, Lan Airlines, Elie Saab, Hackett London, Centro Médico Paitilla, Fundacánce, Samsun and Daikin.