A Creepy Halloween

We tapped into the the Halloween holiday to promote Samsung’s Gear S2 and Gear VR products in Puerto Rico. In order to engage the most amount of consumers, we went to where Halloween takes place in Puerto Rico – at the malls. We partnered with Plaza Las Americas to create experience zones near the mall’s famous haunted house. We partnered with other malls in the area to create experience zones in the Claro stores.

The experience zones had creepy themes themed and allowed consumers to immerse into a Halloween experience while still interacting with the products and learning more about the features.
The featured experience zone was a haunted house built inside of a Claro store, in which consumers entered and watched a scary Gear VR sample. Other experience zones included scary surfboards, and bikes to sample the Gear VR and Gear S2 products.

Promoters dressed in scary costumes and gave guests goodie bags to bring the Halloween experience full circle.


Puerto Rico


Event Concept
Venue Management
Logistic Coordination
On-site Support
Graphic Production


4 days of Halloween excitement to consumers while generating awareness and interaction with the brand
Nearly 400 participants
Thousands of impressions