The Prism Group’s social media capability is multi-pronged and all-encompassing. Our first social media capability is managing corporate social accounts – which includes the development of textual and visual content, community management, metrics measurement and any associated partnerships that live in social context (whether with other brands or influencers). An additional social media capability that The Prism Group offers is social media relations, during which we proactively foster relationships and share your stories with media through the social space – maximizing coverage opportunities and increasing the chances of instant retweets. In addition to those capabilities, we also offer influencer management. Influencers serve as trusted third parties that have an established audience and can disseminate information that provides real-time results. Influencer management at The Prism Group is all-inclusive – we identify the influencers, manage the terms of the agreement, provide the brand items when needed, provide the social content to be shared, and oversee the results. However, the most important offering during influencer management is our development of brand and influencer relationship, as we strongly believe that strong influencer partnerships is key during this digital era. The Prism Group is a trusted Latin America Social Media Agency that has supported brands such as Samsung, Lexmark, Acer, Cabify and many others with influencer management. View our case studies for more details.